Monday, January 23, 2012

Comfort Food on my mind

We have one of those weeks coming up that I say to myself "Hold on to your hat, jump in the saddle" and hope that I make it to the other end so the menu for this week is pretty simple and straight forward. When we get this busy I tend to make more stew or meals that I can prep whenever I find a free minute while still being warm and tasty for my family. So here is what I have for this week:

Monday - Pork and Apple Stew - using leftover tenderloin from the the recipe last week which was NOT a success and will need some major tweeking before I would think about posting it up here. Hopefully this will be better!

Tuesday - Ina Garten's recipe for Fish and Chips, with green peas and a salad

Wednesday - Tortellini Soup and Salad

Thursday - West African Chicken and Groundnut Stew with Brown Rice

Friday - Pizza night - everyone gets to make their own favorite

Saturday - Marinated Steaks and Warm Potato Salad with Green Beans

Sunday - leftovers

Hopefully I will like the pork and West African Chicken stew recipes enough to post up here. I have not tried either of them before so we will have to see. If there is something that catches your attention and you would like me to post let me know - I am more than happy to share.

Have a good week!


Megan said...

We are having fish and chips on Friday. I'll have to check out Ina's recipe. A menu like this at my house would have to come on a week that no one was here. it would take me all day to make any of these. I love it that you say they are easy recipes for a busy week. Ha! I need some lessons, apparently.

Nancy said...

Megan - I will post the fish and chips recipe. It is a favorite here.

Though this is how I relieve stress, most recipes I post take about 40 minutes to cook - just enough time for the kids to get through a show, wash hands and set the table before dinner. I do prep work whenever I get a chance - usually nap time or as I cook.