Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LIttle Hiatus and a new look for summer

Sorry for the break in blogging. Something pretty exciting happened and I have been taking a little time to investigate. In a complete "Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon" kind of way a friend sent a friend a link to my blog and I received and email asking me if I would be interested in an opportunity to read and test cookbooks supplied to me, then write a review. No pay but since it involved all the things I love to do - read, cook and eat - I really couldn't see any downside. And I get to keep the cookbooks! (I hope I can claim all of them as professional gear on the next move or we could be in trouble!) So I gave it a try and just sent it my test submission today. If they like it I will get to do more and be able to post the review on my blog as well as on the other site. All and all pretty exciting stuff. Who knows? Maybe this is the next chapter for me - time will tell. In the meantime I have a stack of recipes I want to share so I am back in the saddle and will start posting again directly. Julie recently asked for some fish recipes so I will start there. If there is a food group you would like me to blog about let me know and I will see what I have for recipes to share.


Julie said...

Hi Nancy,
Sue's Seafood in Kittery, ME has a great selection of fresh seafood, not to mention Sue is great too! We have had red snapper, haddock and tuna and I am thinking of getting some sword fish if she has some on Thursday. Any sword fish recommendations? Thanks!

Nancy Bowers said...

Julie - I have an amazing tune nicoise recipe I will post tonight and am planning on trying a swordfish recipe this week - what timing - will let you know what I think about it then.