Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here we go...

As one of my new year inspirations - hate the idea of resolutions - I decided to start a blog about cooking and my adventures in eating. I love food, a littel too much some times I suppose but good food falls in the category of "life is too short to miss this".

So to begin with let's start with the disclaimer: I am not a chef, caterer or any other sort of expert in the food industry. In my previous life I was a creative services director (translation = I managed creative folks) until I married in my late 30s and quickly started a family. I am now working on my second career as a stay at home mom to two wonderful heathens and food experimenter. Over the last few years my interest in cooking has grown exponentially and I now look for any opportunity to try a new recipe. I find cooking to be very relaxing and my husband is by and large, a willing victim of my culinary experiments. I am a recipe kind of gal and will not usually go off-road until I have made something several times and feel confident that I have the taste and texture correct. I often post dishes and dinner menus of facebook and have friends ask for the recipe so I thought this would get me one step closer to doing that, rather than sending out individual emails.

As to the name of my blog, no I am not trying to set back the rights of women a generation - one of my favorite authors is Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa, and I take much of my inspiration from her. That and I hate shoes and socks so in reality you will usually find me cooking either with bare feet or in flops. My other half has suggested that I do a Julie and Julia and cook my way through all the BC cooksbooks but as much as I love them, there are just too many good recipes out there to just stick with her, but you will find I often use Ms. Garten's recipes as the cornerstone of a menu.


Julie said...

Whoo hoo! You are going to be a blessing to those of us who love to cook and eat but who hate to do the research! I cannot wait to try out your suggestions, because I know that they will be good! :). So get cracking! I don' know what's for dinner this week!

Doug said...

I am expecting big things!